January 2nd, 2010


Back At Work

I had a lovely New years Eve and Day and now I'm back at work getting ready for Arisia.

I went to wild_irises's New Years Day Open House.  Saw lots of people I really like and don't see often enough.  And I got to see the alien artifact brooch on whumpdotcom.  Since I make my commission work _for_ the person, it's very gratifying when I see the pieces on them, especially the first time.

I've spent hours today on the fine tool part of polishing.  Sawing off sprues and then doing delicate smoothing and cleaning with the tools before I actually start working on this group of pieces with the polisher. Then  I use a flexible shaft with a variety of wheels.

Nancy Cobb was visiting and saw her Pop Art piece so I should have a photo of it up soon.  Took some quickly that I'm not thrilled with. Will try to spend enough time on it tomorrow to get it right.  Given how dense life is, I may have to settle for an only OK photo.

The cherry blossom tree with  small gear flowers and rubies is finished.  I'm bringing it to my friend Bayla at Arisia so I won't have the photo up til I get back.    I looks just like I envisioned it at the Museum.  Folks who read the link will note that I decided on cherry blossoms rather than peach and the rubies will be on the trunk rather than in the flowers.  But the essential vision is the same. This piece is also part of the developing new work.

I'm spending some time with a friend tomorrow afternoon and while we're talking I'll be working on the shambles and steam punk dragons.  Doing the design work with steam punk parts, antique beads, odd shamble bits   etc.

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