December 17th, 2009


Insects and Aesthetics

I've been watching the Attenborough nature program on insects. Lots of great magnification of images. I usually find his nature specials inspiring for my work not necessarily anything explicit, but they put me in a creative head space. I see shapes and forms sometimes abstract and mentally file them for later.

Apparently not these insects. Snails, centipedes, millipedes, ants, walking worms are interesting but I don't find them aesthetic at all and I'm surprised.

I did really elaborate jointed centipede jewelry a few years ago. The centipede pictures and videos I worked from were inspiring. Figuring out how to make their "box car" movement was very challenging and worked out fabulously. They were large hanging earrings as well as a bracelet.

I just finished making a setting in wax for a large piece of amber with a 50 million year old winged bug in it. The setting has a damsel fly perched on it with a golden sapphire eye. They were there in that period sometimes in enormous (2 ft wing spread) size.

I'll keep watching the nature special and see how the insect aesthetic develops.

Mood: Happy