December 9th, 2009


Circles and Steam Punk Dragons

I finished my steam punk dragon today in wax. I think I may do two versions of it. One polished silver and one black. And I worked on a Victorian flower steam punk pendant .

I'd been thinking about silver steam punk work for a while and these two designs coalesced in my head.

And I went through my stones to pick out stones for rings I need to make. But not tonight. I'm definitely burned out on wax for the day.

There is an article in the New York times, The Circular Logic of the Universe about Kandinsky's painting and the circle conceptually as a form, everything from yeasts to buttocks. ( I can't get it to link on the Lj software but this link works.)

... learned of Kandinsky’s growing love affair with the circle. The circle, he wrote, is “the most modest form, but asserts itself unconditionally.” It is “simultaneously stable and unstable,” “loud and soft,” “a single tension that carries countless tensions within it.” Kandinsky loved the circle so much that it finally supplanted in his visual imagination the primacy long claimed by an emblem of his Russian boyhood, the horse.
I'm definitely thinking about circles.

abstract painting of circles by Kandinsky

I'm definitely thinking abut designs and circles.