December 7th, 2009


Parts and Blossoms

I was going to take some photos today but got to caught up in carving waxes. Clearly, if I'm going to take pictures I need to do it before I start working.

Finished the exploding flowers complete with the "POW".

I've been working on a carving of Luo Ping influenced plum blossom branch with rubies and tiny clock parts. I've gone as far as I can tonight. I'll make more blossoms and buds tomorrow. The branches themselves are finished and I've figured out how to set the tiny gears and parts. I'm working with museum snap shots but this is as close as I can find on the web.

I put up the first images I've done with a digital camera (other than the jewelry) on Body Impolitic. They're dinosaur bones and light.

Mood:Time to make soup