December 5th, 2009


Nudes for the Holidays

I should have posted this sooner but not feeling well and wax obsession meant I didn't.

As we said on Body Impolitic.: We had a such wonderful response to last year’s holiday sale of Laurie’s books of photography (Women en Large: Images of Fat Nudes and Familiar Men: A Book of Nude) with Debbie’s text, that we thought we’d offer the same price again this year ,
(usually $25 plus mailing and the sale is $15 including US Mailing.) . It means a lot to us that Nudes for the Holidays pleased so many people. Check it out.

Thanks again for all the kind words about the nova.

The exploding flowers have turned into a real pop art piece and will include the word "POW" in the design. Yes there will be a photo.