November 15th, 2009


Feeeling Better

I seems like I haven't posted in forever.

After World Fantasy I took a few down days and then got a post con bug that I'm just getting over. Not awful but going away slowly. I'm much better today.

I had a fine time there. Saw lots of friends and I love showing my new work.

So all that's been happening is lots of reading and sleeping and minimal keeping up work. I have been thinking about jewelry more then I expected. Will be doing some work with truly blacked silver and vivid stones this month. I'm liking the idea of designing for dark and unshiney metal.

Was talking with folks about the steam punk jewelry at World Fantasy and realized that I haven't been exploring the Victorian aspects except for the antique beads. . I'm going to experiment with using some Victorian silver flowers with my steam punk parts.

And I'm getting some small letter press type. I 've been thinking about using words in the lost wax carved jewelry. That's
probably why I've been obsessing about poetry this fall. Not sure what it will look like but getting the type is the first step.

I did catch up with the black face and color face hat's been showing up in fashion (French Vogue among others) in the last month. It pushes my anger button really hard. I'll be writing about it on Body Impolitic and will link to it when I do.

Mood: Improving