October 22nd, 2009


Beautiful Things

I spent yesterday and the day before putting final touches on things and feeling overworked and stressed.  Finalizing some designs, putting chains or ear wires or other assembling pieces together.  Finished some of the last steam punk pieces, set an opal in a sleeping dragon, and set some garnets in earrings.  Still have to polish a diamond ring I've been working on, to set a very large complex pearl for a flower pendant (A rather 17th century Dutch flower painting flower.), and put a carved sunstone in it's 14kt branch setting.

But mostly the jewelry for World Fantasy Con is finished.  I'm still working on the wax for the remnent nova and some other waxes but that's a different part of my work.

Anyway, right now I am looking at a piece of black velvet that's crowded with finished work, pendants earrings, rings, a torque with pearls and it all looks beautiful.  I'm not feeling stressed.  I'm beaming at it and feeling great.

Mood: Great