October 5th, 2009


Packages and Body Image

One of the less fun things about what I do is making packages.  But if I've been making you a shamble, it will be in the mail tomorrow.  I don't like making packages but I do really like sending work to people.

 Debbie and I, with Rebecca Jennison and Mika Kobayshi  have been working for, what feels like forever, on an article Body Image in Japan and the United States.  We wrote it for the Asia Pacific Journal: Japan Focus, a well thought of on line academic journal.  It's finally both finished and up.    Writing for an academic journal was a very different experience.  The editor, Mark Selden was terrific to work with.  Even if you've heard us talk about our work a lot, I think you'll find some fresh thoughts and information in the article.

Tomorrow I get to play dragon and put together a group of stones to show some folks.  That's something I love doing.

Mood:  Tired and Elated