September 18th, 2009


More or Less Back

I'm back and more or less recovered from Discworld. Had a fine time and met some interesting people.

I've been mostly off line until tonight.

I'd made a shamble for the convention from Pratchett's Tiffany Aching books. Slightly improvisational, since while there is a wax carved silver branch and woven sticks that is the same in all of them, there are also woven in pieces that vary for each piece. If you haven't read the books, a shamble is a witch's device improvised on the spot for magical purposes. It frequently includes an egg. I managed to find some remarkably egg-like pearls and woven them in with very fine silver wire and added a semiprecious or an antique bead plus odd bits of hardware that might have been in the witch's pocket. I made 6 and to my surprise sold 10, so I'll be making shambles this month in addition to my other work.

I expect I'll have a shamble or so at World Fantasy,although I don't plan to make lots of them.

Also made Atuin, the turtle that carries Discworld on it's back. It has the continents traced on it as if seen from space and also the ocean water pouring over the edge. If you haven't read the books, Disc World is flat and is carried on the backs of the elephants who stand on the turtle. I did a distant view so the elephants are hidden, otherwise it would have been way too 3D for a pendant.

I know I didn't write about these when I was making them. I wanted them to be a surprise.

I'm still feeling a little spaced. My post show nap was interspersed with both some intense art and very welcome Japanese visitors.

Mood: spaced