August 31st, 2009


Last Bits

Set the last of the small stud earrings, including a new design with fine engraved scales. I have some lovely tiny moonstones and garnets.

I'm still looking for a particular black cord that I want for my bronze and for one of the shambles.

I'm hoping that the Japanese work is done enough that when I get back from Disc World Con I'll finally have time to work on jewelry photos. The article is very close to finished and the images and texts for the Japanese feminist network web site is out to them. I'll put up a link when I get it.

I appreciate the reminders on the jewelry photography.

Finished up the last touch on the third steam punk piece setting a steel gear on a bronze one.

And finally I made new displays for the small stud earrings. I've always shown them too close together for the details to show up well. This is one of those things I've been telling myself for a year I should do, so I'm pleased I finally did it. I'm much better at working on the art then on display.