August 19th, 2009



I learned a new word at the San Francisco Jewish Museum, Cubo-Futurism.  There's an exhibition, an amazing exhibition. I went with wild_irises but she only had her lunch hour for time. I'm going back Friday.

Organized by the The Jewish Museum, New York, Chagall and the Artists of the Russian Jewish Theater, 1919-1949 is the first exhibition devoted to the extraordinary artwork created for Russian Jewish theater productions in the 1920s and 1930s. The exhibition will bring to light a remarkable period in the early years of the Soviet Union when innovative visual artists, including Marc Chagall, Natan Altman, and Robert Falk joined forces with avant-garde playwrights, actors, and theatrical producers to create a theater experience with extraordinary mass appeal. Through paintings, costume and set designs, posters, photographs, film clips and theater ephemera - many of which have never been exhibited before- Chagall and the Artists of the Russian Jewish Theater, 1919-1949 will capture an exhilarating but fleeting moment in the cultural history of the Soviet Union.

The work is mostly from Russia and I doubt that it has been seen in the US before. Most of the work is not by Chagall, although there are some amazing theater murals of his including a passover table. The work is fresh and vivid and much of the of it (unlike the Chagall) feels contemporary).  I'm talking abut the paintings and drawings not the photos or films of the theater productions.

I just did a search for the images with the strong contemporary feel. It's interesting that while I could find images from the show, none of the ones that knocked me out were easily findable on the web. These will have to do.

When I go back Friday, if they have appropriate post cards, I'll scan them and put them up.

Cubo-Furturist ='s Cubist Futurist.  Futurism is the art style that exploded in Russia after the revolution. and Cubism is well Cubism. 

I have a feeilng some of this will be influencing my work.  Exciting show usually do, sometimes not in obvious ways.

Mood:  fascinated