August 16th, 2009


Jade Knife

I have this lovely piece of dark green jade that's in the shape of a knife. It's about 4'' long, not sharp but a lovely knife shape.

I've had it out on my table for about a year. It's carved from a small nephrite jade boulder that came up from the Pacific on the Big Sur coast in Northern California. At some point it going to need a handle but I 'm clearly still meditating  on it because there is not clear shape in my head.

Writing this journal is sometimes a bit revelatory for me. Just realized that I mean clear shape in my hands at least as much as my head. I'm very unanalytical about my work process, so if i don't write about it, I don't think this way.

I've also got a very sculptural rough green jade sea boulder (about a foot or so square) that was given to me by Jose Ramon Lerma. I met Jose because he bought some of my nudes at a local exhibition.  We became friends and I have a wonderful abstract painting of his.He was among the small group of Chicano artists who emerged out of post-War San Francisco who developed their own unique West Coast abstract work.  He has contuned to work with the same passion all of his life.  His has continually grown and changed during different times in his life.  He paints with an intense joy that I love.