August 4th, 2009


Abstract Expressionist Jewelry

My friend Tracy just got back from Southeast Asia.  She brought back two carnelians with interesting abstract white markings.

In the 50's there were a few jewelers creating abstract expressionist designs, mostly in Greenwich Village.  I believe the most prominent one was Ed Weiner who had a shop in Provincetown when I was there in the 60's. I had mixed feelings about his work at the time.  I liked the concepts but found the work less interesting.

Anyway, Tracy and I talked about doing one of the carnelians in an abstract expressionist design for a pendant.  The stone has a distinctly 50's painting look.

It's a periosd in art I know really well, but I've never worked in those themes. I think it's going to be very challenging to do abstract work that truly reflects the period.  I'm thinking possible something in a  Kline feeling.

Mood: Intereted, Possibly inspired