July 19th, 2009


Owls and Sheep

I just packed up the Octavia Butler Owl pendant to send to Nisi Shawl for the Butler Scholarship Award.  It's an owl pendant that I made originally for Octavia Butler as her totem, and is now given to the winner/s of the scholarship.

The sheep is the pendant I made from Eric Flint and Virginia De Marce's book 1634: The Ram Rebellion (the Eric Flint 1632 series).  As I describe in this post, it was quite difficult to get right. 

I'm feeling like I _must_ have gotten it right.  At Westercon, whre there was a 1632 mini-convention, Paula Goodlett, who wrote the original storey about "Brillo" the sheep and Eric Flint and Virginia De Marce all bought the pendant.  I was tempted to call this post "The Triumph of the Sheep".

We had summer weather in San Francisco today, and I spent a nice part of this afternoon in my hammock under the trees reading. 

Tomorrow I get to write a blog about the Placenta and Social Change for Body Impolitic.  It should be fun to write.