June 6th, 2009


Gears and Columbines

I am feeling better but still not good, and am back at work today. Time flys etc.

I usually enter my commissions first in my book. The jewelry is still all very low tech and hand written.

I got some really interesting commissions at Wiscon. I'm going to need to ask the folks whose art these is going to be for permission to use their names, so for today these are anonymous. These are some of them.

I'm making my first lesbian wedding bands for an Iowa wedding. This is really cool. They'll be simple flowing silver and textured.

I'm making a curving columbine pendant with a garnet drop. Explicitly (I always love that) aquelegia canadensis or native columbine.

And either a 14 kt gear or a cog pin that involves Japanese aesthetic theory but I need to think about that a bit more before I describe it.

It's late and I'm starting to fade.

Mood: Achy and Creative