May 18th, 2009


Metal, Beads, Fiber and High Geekiness and Wiscon

Jewelry is ready. Stopped gloating and decided on the stones. Photos and Women of Japan Portfolios are packed.
Still have an evening full of final things but it's looking pretty civilized so far. I'll see how it looks by midnight.

Really looking forward to the Metal, Beads, Fiber and High Geekiness panel at Wiscon.

Geekiness" implies a high level of focus and knowledge. Jewelry, sculpture, and other "material" arts can have an intense focus on conceptual and intellectual content, sometimes including a deep knowledge of both materials, their histories and meanings. Artists discuss how this geekiness affects their art and bring works to illustrate their conversations.

We had a really fine panel somewhat similar to this at Potlatch.

The panelists at Wiscon are me,elisem, and kate schaefer. The panel is at one on Sunday. We had a really interesting and complex conversation last time. It was by far the best art/craft panel I've been on. We'll all be bringing work, so people can see what we're talking about.

Back to work.

Mood: wired