May 11th, 2009


Assemblage and Buffy

I wanted to get the jewelry finished today.   That meant putting ear wires on earrings, chains on pendants and other various bit of assembling and then packing everything.

Assembling is rather like knitting details I think (serious knitters may tell me I'm wrong).  It's very focused and precise but if you've been doing it for along time, it also has a certain automatic quality. Almost all the aesthetic choices have been made already.  I usually like either music or dvds I've already seen once, in the background.  (Today it was Buffy.) That way, if I get completely focused and loose minutes of listening, and I do, it doesn't matter.  Packing is a different kind of meticulousness.  Everything has to be both very protected and very compact.

I took a work break in the late afternoon to continue my on going battle with the evil acvacado tree.  When my daughter Shayin was quite little she brought home an avocado pit with a small shoot in it at the end of the school year.  "Please Mommy can we plant it in the garden."

And like a fool I said yes.  The damn thing is is taller then a three storey building ot rather taller then the three storey Victorian where I have the back flat.  It drops hundreds, no thousands of leaves in an effort to exterminate everything under it, and I don't even get avocados.

Today was just a brief skirmish with a broom.  Last weekend I spent a couple of hours raking  and bagging leaves.  And tonight we have high winds.  Oh well at least it's beautiful.

It's a little after 11pm and I'm quitting for the night. i still have a few small stones to set in earrings but mostly I'm done.

This should (hopefully) give me some time to work on the Women of Japan portfolios and start work on a wax I've been thinking about.