May 9th, 2009


Akebia quinata

I'm thinking about a very delicate leaf, flower and branch pendant set with vivid opals.

I like to do very specific work, so I'm looking through my favorite flower reference, Frances Perry's Flowers of the World, illustrated by Leslie Greenwald.  The pictures are marvelous to work with.

I'm currently contemplating Akebia quinata.  I don't know it's colloquial name. Apparently, it's native to China and Japan and has spicily aromatic blossoms.  The leaves, in groups of four, are rounded with a split curved end.  The flowers are three petaled and purple, which matters even if they'll be in silver.  It's a graceful branch and the opals would make lovely fruit.

I'm also considering a bug or a bird on the branch.

I'm writing this after an excellent tapas late dinner with lots of Sangria.  Hoprfully it's still coherent.

Mood: Delighted