April 29th, 2009


Castings Done!

Hurray! All the new work including the rings cast beautifully. The ring setting worked particularly well. There's a certain amount of shrinkage when you cast, and that can sometimes make setting stones more work then one would like in the metal. But not this time. Textures were particularly lovely as well. I'm planning to have all of this finished  for Wiscon. Also made some octopuses. (I always want to say octopae.)

Talked with my lapidary on the phone tonight about a mahogany obsidian base he's making for me. It will be mostly highly polished but with some of the original rough outside texture included.  I got to pick the stone when I was in Seattle. It's for a jeweled platypus sculpture I'm making. I also want to have some kind of sea weed equivalent as part of it, but I haven't done the research yet on appropriate Australian plant life.

Final note:  I really better watch my spelling in the tags. I almost posted "last" wax casting.  There's something about being haunted by your spellings errors in the tags that's a little surreal.

Mood with a bow to elisem: Elated