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Exploding Flowers
I'm in the midst still of getting the work done for Arisia.  I'm wondering if anyone who reads this diary will be there.

I've have all of the lost wax work set, finished as pendants, earrings etc.  Lots of work with pliers and design.

Still have some steam punk antique beads and parts jewelry to make.

Took some time out and photographed three commissions.  Two of them haven't been seen yet by the folks that commissioned them so I can't put them up yet. 

But I can put up a photo of Nancy Cobb's  pop art pendant with the exploding flowers set with the Madagascar ocean jasper.  This is the first piece I've done with a comic book visual vocabulary.

Please click on the photo for details.  Actual size is 3" wide by about 2.25" high.

I hope I get a chance to work in this vocabulary again.

I've talked to some very helpful people who make letterpress type.  Was hoping to get there before I leave but it's just too dense.  When I get back.  I still want to have some words as part of the carvings.

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I'll be there, a little, Laurie - and I greatly enjoy this diary. But I won't be there much - I'm directing a play and that's our 2nd weekend! Indeed, some of my cast will be there, as well - and a variety of people are going to make the trip out to Acton to watch the play, before returning to Arisia.

That's quite beautiful, but why do you call it "exploding"?

Thank you. Because the flowers have started to explode and the petals are flying.

That is very, very cool.

It is very much its own thing, but it also made me think happily of what kind of dialog it might have with the art of Takashi Murakami (村上 隆, Murakami Takashi). Does that make any sense, or am I still lightheaded from the opals I was looking at a few minutes ago? *grin*

It makes sense. I sympathise with opal lightheadedness.

New reader, here (I just now followed a link on elisem's page) and I'll be at Arisia - are you going to be in the dealer's row, or art show or . . . ? I'd love to see your work in person!

I'll be in the dealers row. See you there!

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