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New Year and Alien Artifact
Had a lovely four days off.  Today I finished the very last of the new digital prints from the portrait projects.  I've started a new photo project that I'll be writing about a bit later.

I sent the alien gear pin towhumpdotcom. It's a partly melted gold alien artifact lodged in dark silver that is either layered rock or possibly a piece of a meteor. The dark sapphires are in the silver.  There 's gear that moves on it as well.  It's part of the design because I loved the aesthetic. Haven't constructed an explanation for it.  I'm open to suggestion.

I waited til he got it to post the photo and then the holidays happened, so here it is now.   This is close to actual size.  (This is one of those designs is that is size sensitive.)

Very best wishes for 2010. 

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Congratulations. It's totally your work while also being oh, so new. And oh so fitting for whumpdotcom. I can hardly wait to see him wearing it, and hope the opportunity arises soon.


Thanks! I'm very happy about the recent devlopement in my work.


This is great, seeing the work here, and I can't wait to see some of your new things in person.

Can't wait to see your work too.

Alien and familiar at the same time - very nice.

That was what I was intending. thanks.

I don't think it needs 'splainin'. It's an elegant piece with a side of quirk.


You're right of course, no explanation needed. I'm just fond of stories. Especially other peoples

(Deleted comment)
ETA appreciated. I hadn't realized that. The exobiology feel was intentional. I haven't seen or read the Andromeda strain so that is coincidental.

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