laurieopal (laurieopal) wrote,

Well and Wax

I'm feeling fine and have been for a week so I'm officially over the bug.

Have finished the waxes for this wax time period. I'm now burned out, which is normal, and will be working on design that doesn't involve wax for a while. The exception seems to be for my ongoing platypus sculpture which I seem to always have energy for.

Last wax I carved was a "lace" piece for a necklace that's going to look like black "lace" and pearls. Possibly black "lace" with steam punk parts at some point. I'll be seeing what the black jewelry looks like in next week or so.

Looking forward to some time off for the holidays starting on Friday. We do the traditional Jewish Xmas day of Chinese food and a movie.

Tags: art jewlery, carving, jewelry, wax
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