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I've been working away in wax but still seem to have a touch of that bug. Trying to stay out of the rain.

I usually remember how i feel when I've worked on a particular piece...wonder if some of them will bring up the memory of rain on the windows.

This is the wax of the steam punk dragon with the gears laid in (obviously not set yet). Actual size is 2.5" long but the details in the wax are hard to see at that size.

And this is the Madagascar ocean jasper for the pop art piece I've been talking about (actual size)

Mood: Rainy

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What a lovely dragon!

Thanks. Wait til you see it in silver!

Oh, awesome awesome ocean jasper! A person could get tipsy on that one, just looking at it.

(Gear-wing dragon v. cool too, but ohhhh, stonelove.)

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