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Cassiopeia Finished!
Cassiopeia, the supernova remnant that I was working on for so long, is finished. Since you can't really see the dimensionality of the images on the post, except in the originals, I'm not sure how this will correlate for people with the images in the previous post.

The astronomer I made it for said: "It is gorgeous. My colleagues have been most impressed." I worked very hard to make a pendant that is of necessity abstracted, but still kept a strong send of the integrity of the nova while of course making good art. I'm very pleased.


The picture of the nova pendant is OK but I expect to do better. (Bear with me on this, I am after all a photographer.)

I've been working on the exploding flowers for the Madagascar ocean jasper. I'm using a comic book vocabulary that seems to be really working. I wrote about the stone in Platypus Et Al.

The antibiotics seem to be finally working, so hopefully completely fine soon and yes, this is still the post-World Fantasy bug. It's been very tedious.

Mood: Hopeful, yet again

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I'll take your word for it that the picture can be improved, but the one you've posted catches the lively rough surface well enough to be quite fascinating.

Oooh, nice ... I look forward to seeing it in person whenever I see its owner next.

Wow. That works. It's stunningly beautiful and, yes, conveys its identity as a nova as well.

Congratulations. I am honored to see even this photo of Cassiopeia.

Yay for antibiotics that work, too.

Everybody. Thanks you all so much!!

You made my day.

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