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Wax Bench is Out
Finally back to jewelry. Between being sick and doing post show entry etc I hadn't been doing a whole lot of creative work this last week or so. Did so some stone setting including some delicate lovely opal fragments.

But now my bench is out and I plan to be doing lots of carving starting tomorrow.

I just got a brilliant concave cut amethyst and an amatrine. Amatrine is a mix of amethyst and citrine and this stone literally changes color in different lights. They are both small triangle cuts and will make lovely rings.

And I just got a large (2.5" x 1.25") chatoyant druze malachite. So, it looks like you can see into it and has interesting almost leaf like patterns. The druze means small crystals are embedded in the stone. I'm not sure of the design yet but it will definitely have emeralds.

My blog Blackface/Colorface:A Face of Racism that I mentioned last post is up on Body Impolitic. The images from French Vogue and America's Next Top Model really made me angry.

Mood: Ready for Bed

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Ooo- such cool stones!

Though, I gotta say- with the malachite I've seen, I'd go with chrome diopside or tsavorite over emerald in terms of color match- most emerald is just so blued.

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