laurieopal (laurieopal) wrote,

I'm Back

I'm back after a great trip with my daughter. Lots of good museums and food and long walks.

Am now over my jet lag and getting ready for the World Fantasy Convention. I have a lovely Chinese carved sunstone I'm setting in gold vines and a gold and sterling abstract design set with small diamonds. They both in th e polishing stage. I think I have finally almost finished all the polishing. It's always "almost".

I got a marvelous commission for a peach blossom branch inspired by the work of the Chinese artist Luo Ping. It's going to be a rather abstract branch with blossoms that are a mix of carved flowers with orange sapphire or ruby centers (depending on if the flowers end up being cherry blossoms or peach blossoms). Some of the blossoms will be tiny watch gears. I'm really excited. It's for my friend Bayla.

The image below is typical of his work but not the one that is inspired me. I don't have that one as a photo but I've got a very strong image in my head.

Yesterday was Lotte Lenya's birthday and i listend to her singing Kurt Weill's Alabama song. It took me back to seeing her in Three Penny Opera at the Theatre de Lys in the Village a very long time ago. This is a great photo of her from 1962.

This is how she looked when I saw her.

Mood:  Soft and happy

Tags: gem stones, jewelry, lotte lenya, luo ping

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