laurieopal (laurieopal) wrote,

It's Late

I just finished texts and images for WAN (the Japanese feminist network) on Women of Japan.

I've laid out a choker with a steam punk part, antique engraved beads and pearls,n that I'm going to make tomorrow.

My lost wax sterling shamble design from the Tiffany Aching books seem to have met steam punk and cojoined. And it's on a patchwork of different kinds of chain joined together by delicate antique beads and small pearls and an industrial spring.

I'm seeing a vista open up for work that mixes the lost wax carvings with some of the industrial steam punk elements. I'll be starting to work on a piece with these elements when I return from Disc World con.

Right now my brain doesn't work very well.

Mood: Fried
Tags: art, jewelry, steam punk

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