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Polished some of my clock parts for the steam punk jewelry. I'm really liking thinking abut steam punk designs. I'll have a few pieces for the Disc World convention over Labor day. One of them is going to be very surreal. Found out how to take the steel rods out of some of them,

Also made asymetrical antique bead (mostly jet) necklace. And I've selected the pearls for a cala lily and pearl necklace. Getting the pearls right always takes a while.

wild_irises and I did our last guest blog for Feministe. That was definitely fun.

Went back and spent another 2 hours at the Chagall and the Jewish Theater exhibition. None of the contemporary images were in the gift shop. I did a Google search on the artists and still nothing. The artists were Alexsander Tyshler and Robert Falk.

Mood: Bed Time

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I'm very looking forward to seeing your take on steampunk, Laurie.

(But, alas, won't be at Discworld, so will have to wait until WFC ...)

Sorry to miss you there. In that case I'll mail your polarized bear, should go out to you by the end of the week. I love it!

Yay! I can't wait!

And it'll be arriving just as we're finishing up the Thief Eyes copyedits. :-)

If it's something you're willing to share-

I have a student who has a couple of steampunky designs, and she's finding it difficult to find the gears etc. I think she's more interested in watch than clock sized, but if you have any sources you're willing to share, I'd appreciate it. She's net-savvy, so I assume she's done the basic googling etc. Thanks if you can help!

I'm afraid I'm not much help. Mostly I've been finding old clocks.
I'm only working on a couple of pieces right now. Turns out to be particularly intense design work.

I'd suggest thrifting or flea marketing for old watches. I wish her luck with it.

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