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Irish Setter Puppy Earrings
I had a commission to make jade earrings with sculpted Irish Setter drops. I decided that given how small they were they needed to be puppies so the head could be large enough for the viewer to immediately see the dog and not just a shape. These took forever and required great detail. I worked from a number of photographs including this one I took when I was visiting the actual puppies. Needless to say the puppies were adorable.  It wasn't good light but I got what I needed. I made younger puppies so the head would be more prominent.

They are a little over half and inch for the silver puppies. But this size photo gives a sense of the detail.

They are from the collection of Wendy Czarnecki.

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Those are just wonderful!

You've done a smashing job with these little pups, and you know how I love dogs.

Re: Those are just wonderful!

Thanks so much! I really appreciate your opinion.

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