laurieopal (laurieopal) wrote,

Lots of Polishing

Just finished polishing one group of designs. This includes the dark bronze pendant with the gorgeous shot with copper stone. I'll put up a photo as soon as it's set.

And a tear drop shaped silver pendant with my last watermelon tourmaline stone that's blue and pink rather then green and pink. It's unusual and still called watermelon.

Also worked on a set of dragons of various sizes and some open lace work pendants.

I've designed a pair of deadly nightshade earrings that I'm looking forward to finishing.

The turtle woven with malachite beads is finished and going in the mail tomorrow. They look remarkably turtle shell like. This one was a special but I think I'm going to make one for Worldcon. I really like it!

Not quite quitting for the night but soon.
Tags: art jewelry, jewelry, midamericon ii
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