laurieopal (laurieopal) wrote,

"Glorious Bug" for Wiscon

I've finshed the "Glorious Bug" design from Lois McMasters Bujold's book "A Civil Campaign". It's my guest of honor pendant for Wiscon this year. Next year I’m doing a pendant from Alaya Dawn Johnson’s work. Photo 0f the "Glorius Bug" is below.

I did an experiment that succeeded really well to create the iridescence on the bronze. It varies by the lighting and each one came out a bit differently. Unfortunately I'm not sure I can replicate the conditions so these may be the only iridescent "Glorious Bugs" I can make.  I also have a few other iridescent bronze designs including a dragon.

Life threw me more complications and delays then usual these last 2 weeks but the jewelry and the stones are (finally) finished and packed. So I now get to do everything else I need to do before I leave, including post here.

And I have a group of new designs including an ocean polished Baltic amber design among others.

Iridescent bronze, approximately 1.75"

I'm excited about going to Wiscon and looking forward to seeing everyone.
Tags: art jewelry, glorious bug, jewelry, lois mcmasters bujold, wiscon

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