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Good Week

Not as much hammock time as I would have liked, but an excellent week.

Iowa wedding bands have final polish and look great.

Very tiny dragons cast beautifully. They are 8mm and are the first work I've done when I didn't have the equivalent of a sterling silver photo in my mind when the piece was finished.  Apparently there is a size below which I lose my perfect visualization. It's not that I didn't know what they'd look like, but I'm used to a vision complete to the smallest dragon scale.

Finished and set a fire agate pendant.   Finished, but have not yet set lapis dragon earrings.   I finished polarising the bear in wax.  Looked at lots of polar bear images.  The shoulder bulge is crucial.

And did some work on a double hummingbird pendant I'm having trouble deciding how to make.

Today I had an amazing dim sum late brunch and saw the Harry Potter movie in IMAX (probably not a good choice), and looked at the bay.

I do wish I was in Montreal but ...oh well.

Mood: Mixed


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