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"Glorious Bug" for Wiscon and Garnet Bug on Glorious Opal

This is a post of two bugs, so to speak. First, a garnet bug on a stunning opal that I made for Bayla Fine. (Photo below the text)

And secondly: This is my third year making a guest of honor pendant for Wiscon. I’ve already made the Heyiya-if, (a holy symbol for the Kesh) from Always Coming home by Ursula LeGuin, and a snake from Dreamsnake by Vonda Macintyre.

The design I’m currently finishing in wax is a “glorious bug” for Lois Bujold’s A Civil Contract. Because the “glorious bug “ is flamboyantly colored. I’m making it in bronze as more reflective of this flamboyant creature than silver. In my new bronze polishing technique they should also vary in coloration. I’m looking forward to polishing them. If I have time after their finished, I'll post a photo.

Next year I’m doing a pendant from Alaya Dawn Johnson’s work.

Here is the photo of the garnet bug and opal (about 1.5 inches) :

There is a beautiful Victorian tradition of insect jewelry that influenced this pendant, although I didn't realize it until the design was finished. And I'm realizing that my "glorius bug"  has late Victorian influence.  I have a lot of art and art history in my head and it sometimes shows in ways that surprise me.
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