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Victoria Stone Pendant

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I've been working on some very different bronze pendant designs...hope to have them for Wiscon.

And I've been gloating over some leopard skin jasper and rough piece of clear Ethiopian opal that lights up the sky. (Metaphor works for me.)

The pendant is Victoria stone. (And even more beautiful then the photo.) Victoria stone was created by Dr. S. Iimori in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. He was trying to make synthetic jade. It actually resembles leaded glass. It's is extremely beautiful and can vary greatly in color..

When he died he left the formula to his son but a significant detail was missing and no one has been able to replicate it. So all there is in the world in the material he made almost 50 years ago.

I wanted a beautiful design the complemented the shape, and would reflect some of the qualities of the stone.

Design is sterling silver about 1.5" high.  From the collection of Sheila Gilbert
Tags: jewelry art jewelry, victoria stone
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