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Crystal Dragon

Realized that I had 2 "I'm Back" posts in a row.

So, I went to Boskone in late February, was home for a week and then went to Hawaii for an excellent vacation including seeing many beautiful reef fish. I think that reef fish will be showing up in my work. Anyway I'm in my studio making work and not going anywhere til Wiscon at the end of May. I should be posting regularly and I have more photos then usual to put up.

My head is full of designs, making me very happy.

This is a crystal dragon pendant that I made for Lois Thomas. The dragon head crystal and the idea for it to be the dragon's head were hers. It turned out to be very design challenging and I love the way it turned out.

Sterling silver. About 3" high. William Thomas took this excellent photo of the pendant.
Tags: art jewelry, crystal dragon, jewelry
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