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New Fan Etc.
I had dim sum with my friend Dawn today and bought the new exhaust fan for polishing.  It should be installed in a couple of weeks and that's exciting.  It finishes my polishing protection, so to speak. Not as exciting as my beautiful red and clear plexi exhaust system but still.

I'm finished working in wax for a while.  I need to start the last of the polishing the work for Norwescon.  The new rings include fossilized dinosaur bone, amethyst (particularly lovely faceting) , moonstone and a large agate that looks in a some what abstract way, like clouds over seas.

I'm still working on the best way to patina bronze black and may have some pieces for Norwescon but I'm not sure yet.  I did manage to locate a source for the some beautiful bronze chain I used years ago.  One of the opal pendants I talked about in my last post is bronze.  It's being stimulating and sometimes fascinating to design with.

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My Newly Built Tool
I've been polishing today using the new vacuum tool that my friend Dawn Plaskin and I built on Saturday.  This is the first time we've built something together and it turns out that it's serious fun.  We spark "how to make it" ideas off each other, and generally have a good time.  I'd had a proof of principle vacuum tool that was pretty funky.  This one is the proper version.   The purpose is too keep the air clean and suck the polishing materials into the vacuum cleaner. ( It attaches to a vacuum cleaner for suction.)

Here are some photos.   It's  plastic, acrylic, wood, and the right angles are steel.  I think it looks vaguely steam punk and I love the visual.

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My Hand is Fine Now
Saturday I somehow did something to a tendon in my right wrist.  I immediately called my body worker and he gave me an appt for Monday.  And then with a few manipulations he fixed it.  I wasn't too upset on Saturday because it felt like something very fixable but I definitely refrained from doing anything to aggravate it. I worked in wax becasue that's all delicate motions.

So all of the final polishing I had planned to do on the Wiscon work and the Butler owls on Sunday  didn't happen. I didn't finish it Sunday and make the millions of packages on Monday.  But I have only two ring stones left to set tonight.  Everything else is now done.  I'll be making the packages over the next couple of days and everything  will ( hopefully) be in the mail by Monday.

I don't  treat my hands like a concert pianist but maybe I should.


Rainy Day
It's raining and raining and raining but tomorrow is supposed to be clear. 

My quince is starting to blossom.  It's one of my joys this time of year.  I always have flowering quince blossoms in the house.  I actually photographed some of them for my In-Camera Project.  Image is below.   Please visualize it as a roughly 5" by 3.5" inch image in the center of an 8.5 by 11' sheet of photo paper.  The white space is important and you'll have to imagine it.

I polished some rings today including one with a deep green crescent shaped tourmaline.  And also did some work on a lapis lazuli pendant that's a very delicately balanced design.

I got the photo lights yesterday, so tonight I'll be working on photographing jewelry again, particularly the black pomegranate.  The weather inspired chicken soup, so after I eat, I'll start shooting.



Time to Polish
jonsinger just sent me some gorgeous images of a test series of porcelain glazes he just ran. We were talking on the phone about some slices fro a pink CV I was having cut for him for possible laser work, and he told me about the new glazes.

Getting the pink CZ (cubic zirconium) cut in appropriate ways has been an adventure that included sending it to faceters in China to be cut. We're not sure whether it was successful or not at this point.

So, back to polishing. I have the wedding bands and a fire agate pendant and the pair of small clound earrings cast and ready to polish.

I should have them finished in the next few days. They all cast beautifully.

I'm thinking about tree earrings with elongated pearl drops.

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Much too Much Work
I'm actually catching up on things but it's being really dense.

Polished today and then did some setting.  Green quartz, pearl, gorgeous rainbow obsidian, black star sapphire (for a thumb ring for my friend Tracy), charoite (purple) with lines, and a mottled green jade - mostly rings.

Will set the amber  with the bug tomorrow.

And finished the wax for the Ching jade pendant.  This time it's fruit and leaves in the style of the antique jade. The first one did'nt work out.

And I have all the ring sizings from Wiscon ready to mail.

Unfortunately polishing makes my back ache.  Oh well.

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