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Octopus and Not At Norwescon
I photographed the octopus ring with the sapphire and the black diamonds and it came out well! It's 2" long and I can't wait to put up the photo but it will have to wait til the woman who commissioned it sees the ring.

The Chinese cliff,waterfall and pine tree design for a lovely black and light green jade has cast beautifully. It still needs to be polished and have the stone set.

And I've finished the pearl winged dragonfly.

And I wanted to remind folks that I won't be at Norwescon. I will be in Seattle later in the year so get in touch if you's like to see me when I'm there.

News, Spiders and Flies
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Sadly, I won't be at Norwescon this year.  I'm really going to miss seeing people.  I will be in Seattle later in the year.  If you's like to know about it get in touch.  And of course I'll be in Spokane in 2015.

Just sent the photo of Fumiko Nakamura to the  exhibition at the Luxon Academy of Fine Arts in China yesterday.  Serendipitously also received the catalogue of the exhibition in the mail.  The catalogue is beautiful and the back cover page has one of my photos on it (with several others.)  Will be posting at length about it when it's closer.  It opens April 15th.

And this spider and fly pendant is silver with a stunning rutilated quartz and a faceted garnet.  Size is approximately 2.5"  It's from the collection of David and Pierce Ludke.  A spider design for the quartz was their idea.  I added the fly.  It was a challenging pleasure to make.

Artist's Sabbatical


As I've said earlier, I have a photography project that I've been wanting to work on for about the last year and there simply wasn't enough time for it. So, I'm on my Artist's Sabbatical this spring working on it.  I now seem to have the basic shape of the project although I'm not yet ready to discuss it yet.

This means that regretfully, I won't be at Norwescon.  I'll really miss people but I need this time for the new work. And, of course I'll be there next year. And I will be at Wiscon and Lone Star Con in San Antonio.

I've also been working on some marvelous jewelry and sculpture commissions (that I've talked about here recently) and I'm still happily take new commissions and taking care of people's jewelry needs.  But the Sabbatical will  let me explore the new  work.

Artist's Sabbatical
I have a photography project that I've been wanting to work on for about the last year and there simply wasn't enough time for it. So, I'm taking an Artist's Sabbatical this winter to work on it.

This means that regretfully, I won't be at either Boskone or Norwescon.  I'll really miss people but I need this time for the new work. And, of course I'll be at both of them next year. And I willl be at Wiscon and Lone Star Con in San Antonio.

I have lots of exciting jewelry and sculpture commission work and I'm still happily take new commissions and taking care of people's jewelry needs. But the Sabbatical will  let me explore this new  work.

I'm not ready to discuss the new work yet but I'm sure I will in the future.

Maharaja Exhibition at Asian Art
I went to the Maharaja: The Splendor of India's Royal Courts exhibition at the Asian Art Museum on Friday in spite of all the intense work.  It closes while I'm at Norwescon..  The jewelry was amazing.

Interestingly  the work that was more inspiring for my art were some of the paintings.

And mind blowingly, this is a silver coach with enamel work - beasts, birds, florals, tassels and more. 

Influenced by the exhibition, I may make some detailed carved bronze "stones" for rings.  When you see the work, the connection won't be obvious.  

Back to work.  I really didn't have time to post but I wanted to share this.

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Help for Norwescon

The jewelry is more or less ready for Norwescon and I can go on to do the other prep that needs to happen.  I have a new lace butterfly design I'm bringing (among other things) that I'm really happy with.

I just got off the phone with the friend who was going to help me put out the jewelry out on Thursday and she  had to cancel. So, I'm checking to see if there is someone out there who would like to help me set up. (Thursday 10AM to 4PM). The room opens at 4PM.

I'm really looking forward to being in Seattle and seeing lots of people I like.  Plus I get to see Seattle spring and it's my favorite city for spring.  I like spring on steroids.


New Fan Etc.
I had dim sum with my friend Dawn today and bought the new exhaust fan for polishing.  It should be installed in a couple of weeks and that's exciting.  It finishes my polishing protection, so to speak. Not as exciting as my beautiful red and clear plexi exhaust system but still.

I'm finished working in wax for a while.  I need to start the last of the polishing the work for Norwescon.  The new rings include fossilized dinosaur bone, amethyst (particularly lovely faceting) , moonstone and a large agate that looks in a some what abstract way, like clouds over seas.

I'm still working on the best way to patina bronze black and may have some pieces for Norwescon but I'm not sure yet.  I did manage to locate a source for the some beautiful bronze chain I used years ago.  One of the opal pendants I talked about in my last post is bronze.  It's being stimulating and sometimes fascinating to design with.

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Black Raven

I've finished most of the ring sizings, necklace lengthenings etc from Boston and they should go out next week.

I took the opportunity to photograph this black silver raven with a ruby eye.  I have it because I  lengthened the chain for Louise Behrman.  It's a design that was heavily influenced by early Irish Celtic work that precedes the very symmetrical work that we see so much of now.

I'm planning to make another black raven for Norwescon.

It's a more abstracted raven then many of the other birds I make.  Actual size is about 2" high.  this is one of the rare occasions when I think a larger photo actually gives a better sense of the work. The subtlety of the carving isn't as clear in a smaller image.

Now, I'll go back to carving waxes and getting ready for Norwescon and my visit to Seattle on Easter weekend.  Right now it's been raining for about a week here, so I feel like I"m getting prepared.

Off to Norwescon
I'm leaving tomorrow for Norwescon.  Really looking forward to it.  I have a particularly extensive group of new work that I'm excited about.

Sorry not to have journaled more lately.  My daughter Cid was visiting (she had rehearsals here) and between that a photography showing and getting ready to leave - time just swept away.

Did get a good photo of the silver, opal and silk pendant commission.  As soon as I know the package has reached Nancy, I'll put it up.

Looking forward to seeing lots of folks I like in Seattle.

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Body Impolitic Back Up
Hurray Body Impolitic is  back up!  (Please pass it on.)  It was getting very frustrating

There was a problem when we upgraded to a new version of Word Press and we're been down since Wednesday.  Thanks to Paul Novitski, who does our web work, we're up and running again.

I looks like everything is in order, but if you notice something that doesn't look right, please let us know.

And there will be a new post up later tonight.

Meanwhile most of the polishing is done.  Some of the rings are set and I am thinking about a black bodied, gold winged dragon fly with a sapphire head.  I won't have it done for Norwescon but I should have it ready for Wiscon.

And, it turns out,  I did have one last antique crystal rose, so i made into a necklace with rose  pearls.  And I'm finished working on the hammered silver pearl necklaces.

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