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Nightshade Done

The wax is finished and I'll be making a few of them for my upcoming shows.  Really anxious to see the nightshade in silver.  Disc World broomstick is progressing.  I want it to look like it's flying and that will be partly the shaping of the broom and also the angle at which it will sit when worn.  I think it will need to hang off a bead (very possibly garnet) to fly properly on.

The diamond flecked water fall on the Chinese Mountain pendant is just about finished also.

A gear-work earring design is coming together.  It wasn't in my design plans for right now but there it is happening anyway. It's looking quite different then anything I've done.

Apropos of thinking about giraffes, I wanted to put up a video of giraffes "dancing" but couldn't make the embedding work. I took the embed from You Tube and put it in the embed media box and insert but nothing appears in Preview. Any thoughts?

And d'Arci Bruno, the Curator of the Impossible, did a wonderful video  of her exploration of huge graffiti pieces in an enormous decaying warehouse in Alameda that will soon be condemned.  I linked to it on Body Impolitic.


Nightshade Progresses
I spent almost al of today working on the nightshade pendant.  It has, as it turns out, the berries as well as the flower.  Given the purple of the actual flowers, it really looks great carved in purple wax. I'm working on it again tomorrow and hopefully finishing the druse crystal malachite Chinese mountain pendant.

I just got an amazing opal from my cutter. It's lowland Ethiopian opal.  A clear golden color with a flamboyant vivid red flash. 

And I think I've finally figured out Esme's (Granny Weatherwax)  broomstick from Pratchett's Disc world.   I've been wanting to do another Disc world piece for quite a while.

Tomorrow should be another good working day.

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Elegant Deadly Nightshade
Had excellent yoga earlier tonight.  Have been spending the last few days on the "business of art" (emails, calls bookwork etc.).  Tomorrow I go back to carving.

Hagiwara Hiroko one of my collaborators on Women of Japan, has written a brilliant  introductory commentary on the project.  You can read part of it here on Body Impolitic.  It's been in process for along time and I'm really happy to have it completed.

I've been thinking for a while about a nightshade pendant, otherwise know as deadly nightshade.  When I was about 8, I lived part of the time up a dirt road in the country in Connecticut.  Lots of big rocks from the glacier paths and small flowers.  One of my favorites was the small purple nightshade flower.  i had no idea it was a poisonous plant until years later.  Fortunately, I never had the impulse to eat the berries.

I'm thinking about doing it in the style of the columbine pendant I did some time ago.  I like the idea of an elegant nightshade pendant.



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