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I'm Not Going to the Nasfic
I've recently been informed that the Nasfic will be substantially smaller then was expected.

It's in Raleigh North Carolina and that's a part of the country where I have almost never shown my work.  So, it's also not likely that a lot of the people who collect my work will be there.

So to my great shock, after all this work and preparation  I'm not going to the Nasfic.  It's the first time in all these years I've ever withdrawn from  a US convention.

The folks who are running the room have been marvelous and the Committee have been very gracious.

I'm sure that the convention will be great and I'm really sorry that I'll be missing seeing people there.  But, unfortunately it just doesn't make sense for me to go.

I'll obviously be working at  slower pace but I'll have the new nebulas done by the end of August and will put their photos up.  Clearly there will be a lot more time to photograph work.

I'll be at the Bouchercon in San Francisco in October, at World Fantasy Halloween weekend and at Loscon on Thanksgiving weekend.

And on a completely different note:  My daughter Cid will be back from Estonia and here in San Francisco this weekend!!!

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Gear Work Day
I'm waiting for a new modem in the Fed Ex and using PPoE which frequently lasts all of 3 minutes before going down.  i have photos I want to post but they'll have to wait until I have ethernet.

All of the work for the Nasfic is either cast or ready to cast.  I've been working on new gear work pieces.  I found some welded bronze links that I made years ago just before I gave up the torch. I used them with some antique beads and gears to make a necklace I'm really happy with.  It felt good to be working briefly with the old welded bronze..  My friend Kurt disemboweled some clocks and sent me some excellent parts.

Also, just made a necklace from Tibetan beads from the 1960's (from the original Zen Center in SF) with some large moonstone beads (rather creamy looking) and some deco teal glass beads.  When I work with beads I always think if my grandmother.  She had a shop in Greenwich Village and made jewelry from antique beads.  Many of the same beads I work with now.

It's been a good day. Followed, of course, by yoga.

Tomorrow I start the second round of lots and lots of polishing.

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Back and Rested
I'm back from Hawaii having had a really restorative time.  I'm leaving for Wiscon (the world feminist science fiction convention) next week and am excited about going.  I'm on two panels that are really interesting and I'll write more about them tomorrow.

Right now, I'm doing final prep for Wiscon and not making jewelry, but  thinking about it.

I'm going to the national mystery writing convention Bouchercon here in San Francisco this fall, and need to think of some new mystery related designs that fit my aesthetic and would be a pleasure to make.  I currently make as pendants, a Poe raven, a Nero Wolf orchid,  a delicate 19th century syringe for Sherlock Holmes and a small finely carved herring set with a very red ruby for Dorothy L. Sayers.   I think I may do a flower/herb design from Susan Wittig Alpert's China Bayles books.

Eric Flint is the guest of honor at the NasFic this summer.  As folks who read me know, I made the iconic sheep Brillo from his alternate history 1632 series last year.   The series  on the whole doesn't lend itself to iconic images that suit my work, so I haven't come up with a new design yet. 

Any suggestions or thoughts on pendants about either of these this would be much appreciated.  If someone comes up with a design suggestion  that  works for me, I'll give them one of the finished designs. 

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