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Back from Vacation: Leaving for Wiscon and Dragonfly Cuff
It's late and this is going to be a tired post. I'm leaving for Wiscon the day after tomorrow and am working hard at finishing up getting ready. I have a collection of glorious new stones from my lapidary including fossilized dinosaur bone, a stunning pietersite, and a vivid korite opal.

And a group of new designs that I'm really happy with.

I'll be doing my Memory Landscapes panel as well but I'll write about that tomorrow. Tonight my mind is rather fixed on jewelry.

I very recently finished this dragonfly cuff. From the collection of Fred Teti

It's silver with the dragonfly's head a garnet and the stone on the tail is a very vivid opal.

Good night.  Looking forward to seeing lots of folks I like at Wiscon.

Getting Ready
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Getting ready to go on a much needed vacation before I finish my work for Wiscon. (Bless my cat sitter)

Have finished a group of new rings

And I have a group of new stones (many cut for me) coming for Wiscon. Seeing them for the first time always makes me amazingly happy. Maybe I do have dragon in my ancestry. The last group had some remarkable Turkish stick agate and I'm hoping for some this time. I'm just finishing a commission with one. An abstract pendant also set with tiny carnelians. I will take a photo when it's done.

I've been working in wax a lot and I'm looking forward to showing the new designs.

I did make a special Wiscon pendant again this year but I want to make sure they cast OK before I talk about them

Jasper Vase and Opal Ring
I'm starting an intense stretch of both jewelery and photography right now. I have a lot of very interesting commission work. And the Memory Landscapes panel at Fogcon was very useful and inspiring.

(Please check it off on Wiscon 39 Programing Wiscon 39 Programing if you are interested. It's a the bottom of "Feminism and Other Social Change Movements" under "already staffed".)

Vase pendant was made some years ago. I'm glad to have had the opportunity to photograph it. It's from a time in my work pre-LJ when I was rarely taking photos of my designs. Vase is jasper, coral in antique Victorian and pearl is fresh water and pink. I have it to lengthen the chain and it was a pleasure to see it again.

From the collection of Beth MacLellan.

This is another view of Rebecca Burgess' opal ring. Opal is far more brilliant but the colors are much closer to the original.

Back from the Blizzards
I'm back from Boskone, the remarkable blizzard, some much needed down time.  I'm back at work this week catching up.

I'll be at Fogcon this weekend but not showing my jewelry. (I will have some stones with me.)  I'm on 2 panels that I'm exicited about and I'll be writing abut them a little later in the week.

The pendant below is prehnite and sterling. I brought it to Boskone  and now that Bayla has it, I can put up the photo.

The crescent moon theme seemed very right to me.  The flower bud in the center of the bottom stone is a moon flower that only opens at night.   Stones are far more filled with beautiful patterns then the photo shows.


From the colllection of Bayla Fine.

Packed for Boskone and Opal Ring
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All the jewelry for Boskone is packed.  And i have the display boxes mostly done.  Still have lots of pre leaving things to do including some photography work.

Have a new very sculptured design with a bicolored sapphire that's part of the new design group. It got packed last.

My weather window for travel still looks OK -fingers crossed.

The ring is an Ethiopian opal set in gold.  It's from the collection of Rebecca Burgess.  The colors shot somewhat differently then the opal's usual vivid appearance but it's totally stunning.

Jeweled Phoenix And Jewelry for Boskone
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This is the Chinese phoenix I was writing about earlier. It took a long time because of the detail and the stylization. Stones are deep orange sapphires it's sterling. It's about 2" high. I made it for Karen M. Herkes.


The detail is finer than the photo shows, but it gives a good idea of the design.

I've finshed the rings for Boskone and am working on final polishing and finished work designs.  Just did a nightshade pendant with pearls, garnets, and clear blue antique Chinese glass beads.  It's black sterling silver threaded with copper wire.

And tomorrow I'm working on a gingko necklace and some bronze pendants.  Still lots to do.

Looking forward to Boskone and seeing my friends.

Sculptured Setter Pendant With Larimar
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I'm about to go back to polishing jewelry for Boskone but I wanted to post this first.

This is the dog pendant I wrote about a while ago.  It took forever.  It's in silver and the stone is larimar.  The pendant is sculpted on both sides and the dog on each side is different.  The details on the animals took forever and making a design that worked equally aesthetically on both sides was both difficult and very enjoyable. Side is approximately 3.5".


I'm really pleased that I was able to get images that show the level of detail fairly well.This side photographed easily

dog 2web_0791

This one took a lot more work but I'm satisfied with it.  (It was much harder to light - note the different background.)

From the collection of Wendy Czarnecki .

She invited me to the Golden Gate Kennel Club Dog Show here in San Francisco at the Cow Palace yesterday. Serendipitously her pendant was finished a few days before.  So I got to see my work and a large group of setters at the same time.  It was both very special and satisfying.  (And much less likely to happen with dragons.)

New Work and Gold and Garnet Pendant
I've been working on a gold and garnet pendant influenced by Elizabethan chains.

The first step was to find a stone that resembled a red moonstone from 16th century Turkey that was part of a unearthed hoard of Elizabethan jewlery.  My lapidary cut some stones after much searching for material, and we ended up with a star garnet, a red/purple labradorite, and a vivid garnet.  The vivid translucent garnet turned out to be the right stone.

I've been working on the wax for quite a while and it's deveoping beautifully.

Chains look like this.

And I've been working on some designs for Boskone including some that feel like a compleat design change for me .  It's exciting.

Wedding Bands for the New Year.

Best to everyone for 2015.  My resolution is the same as last year's, to try to have a less intense and dense life.  I don't like my chances.

Thought this would be a nice time to put up Emma and Cynthia's wedding bands.  They are from quick photos that Emma took in my studio.  Stones are peridot and amethyst (their birth stones) and diamonds in gold.

I just finshed a design in wax to create a double prenite pendant.  It's designed with a crescent moon and a moonflower (moon flowers are  real).  There should be a photo when it's done.

E and C ringshands_0217

E and C ringsclose up1 E_0217 copy

Back on LJ
There was an issue with LJ that would not let me log on to post since the 19th but it seems to be resolved.  Hopefully I will be back to posting regularly now.

So first let me wish everyone a good Holiday and you might want to check out Body impolitic's 2014 Guide To A Sane Holiday.

And I am off to do late night holiday prep.

 I posted this on dreamwidth on the 19th:

Wax and Rain

I've been working in wax a lot lately and being very tightly focused. It's sometimes a mixed blessing.  Some of the designs are being cast now and after they're polished and set I should have some photos in the forseeable future.

I've been carving a woven gold ring set with an Ethiopian opal that has a mixture of flash and delicate pin point color that's very unusual and beautiful.

And also working on a design for a really subtly stunning chalcopyrite pedant in blue and gold.  I'm close to finishing a delicate subtle design for a beautiful tanzanite.

All the rain we've been having in San Francisco is excellent for working at my wax

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