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Rainy Day
It's raining and raining and raining but tomorrow is supposed to be clear. 

My quince is starting to blossom.  It's one of my joys this time of year.  I always have flowering quince blossoms in the house.  I actually photographed some of them for my In-Camera Project.  Image is below.   Please visualize it as a roughly 5" by 3.5" inch image in the center of an 8.5 by 11' sheet of photo paper.  The white space is important and you'll have to imagine it.

I polished some rings today including one with a deep green crescent shaped tourmaline.  And also did some work on a lapis lazuli pendant that's a very delicately balanced design.

I got the photo lights yesterday, so tonight I'll be working on photographing jewelry again, particularly the black pomegranate.  The weather inspired chicken soup, so after I eat, I'll start shooting.



Thinking about New Work
I'm finally getting back to making jewelry.  I had the dentist appt from hell and it impacted my back so I've been staying away from the bench but as of Friday that's over.  It was staring to get frustrating.

I did print  my In-Camera prints on a new paper.  Because these are small (5" largest dimension) prints on 8.5 by 11 paper, the choice of paper is important in two ways, not only for the print but also for the space around it.  The new paper (Epson Premium photo Semi Gloss) is OK but not wonderful.  I think it;s going to take quite a while and a lot of different paper tests to make a final choice.  When I did Women En Large, it took forever to find the right paper.

The first pendant I'll be working on is an art nouveau influenced calla lily design in sterling with touches of rose gold.  I'm thinking about doing more rose gold work in general.  The stones are regency rose (isn't that a wonderful name) and a boulder opal. Both my diacritic glass pendant with diamonds and the kuroite opal that looked like roses were hand painted on it found homes at Wiscon.  That means I can set another of each of them.  Although of course they look quite different from the ones that were in the pendants at Wiscon. I'm looking forward to it.

My Body Impolitic post on the deadly virus crystal sculptures and axes of beauty and fear is here.


In-Camera Project and Memory

Cross posted from Body Impolitic

I talked about the idea that one of the things the photos might be about is memory, when I last posted about them.  I'm realizing that it's true.  Their size and imagery is strongly reminiscent of the way my visual memory flashes intense internal images.  And I just realized something that probably should have been obvious to me. ( The obvious in my work often blindsides me.) All of the images are from places that I live or go, that central in my life.  I haven't been going out looking for photos.  I've been seeing them in my normal moving through the world.  This strongly suggests some visual narrative ideas to me but I'm going to ignore them wait and see what evolves.

This is a quote on memory that resonates strongly for me.  It's from a remarkable memoir Giving Up The Ghost by Hilary Mantel.  (She also wrote Wolf Hall which won the Booker this year.)

“ … We are born with our sensibilities; perhaps we are conceived that way.  Part of our difficulty in trusting ourselves is that in talking of memory we are inclined to use geological metaphors.  We talk about buried parts of our past and assume the most distant in time are the hardest to reach:  that one has to prospect for them with the help of a hypnotist or psychotherapist.  I don’t think memory is like that:  rather that it is like Saint Augustine’s “spreading limitless room.”  Or a great plain, a steppe, where the memories are laid side by side, at the same depth, like seeds under the soil.”

The two photos below were taken on the stairs of the Mechanics Library. It's a private library in San Francisco that I belong to.  Please click on them to see at a better size.


Writing about the work here has definitely been good for me. It gives a context to think in that seems to accelerate my perceptions about it.


New In-Camera Project Images

I've been working  a lot in wax this weekend.  I'll be posting about it tomorrow, but tonight I wanted to put up the new photos.

Cross posted from Body Impolitic

I was thinking about memory today.  Mine is pretty non-linear.  Rather like the medieval christian god's view of time, i.e. it's all happening in one total timeless view.   My memories tend to be small vivid flashes unless I"m consciously trying to remember something.  Then they can be far more complex, detailed and linear (if needed).

The In-Camera Project images are somewhat reflective of my memory in their vividness and their size.  This doesn't necessarily mean there is a connection, but it's interesting to think about.  In the early stages of a project there are always different threads to follow, and often it turns out that they weave together.

Please click on the image for correct size

This is a stained glass window that looks out on my garden.


This is a view of the quince bush in the garden.


Back from Boston Again
I'm back and pretty recovered. It's my first day back in the world. Today was glorious and I spent a fair amount of it working in the garden. Tomorrow is rain again. I'm posting tonight on Body Impolitic with images from my new photo project. I've decided that even though this is a jewelry diary, that since the photography is part of my art, I'll be posting about it here as well.  Most of the photo posts will be cross blogged from Body Impolitic

I have two new photos from my In-Camera Project. As usual, please click on them to see at proper size. 

These are the digital color images I've been working on.  After I shoot them, they are not modified or manipulated except for cropping, so all the work is "in camera".  (Apologies to those who've heard the explanation already.)  The work is feeling very pure and direct, and I'm very happy with it.  I have a strong feeling that it's leading somewhere but I don't know where that is yet.  All I know at this point is that on some levels its about light.

The photo is of a lemon tree branch with a Japanese bell.

This is a quince blossom branch. If you look closely (at least on my monitor and in the print) you'll see that the background isn't truly black but designed. This photo was shot with flash, very unusual for me.

There are more images from the project here and here and more to come.

And I went to yoga tonight. Namaste

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