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Pratchett Broomstick and Deadly Nightshade
I did get reasonable photos of the Pratchett witches' broomstick and the deadly nightshade.  I still have lots to learn about this, but these photos give a decent sense of the work.  Although as the artist I have to say that they will still look far more wonderful in person.

You can tell me what you think if you'll be going to Bouchercon (Oct 14-17) here in San Francisco.  After that I'll be at World Fantasy (Oct 28-31) and Loscon (Thanksgiving weekend).  Will I see you at any of these?

I've made 12 broomsticks and 6 Deadly nightshade pendants.  My friend Pierce always buys the first of the Pratchett designs as soon as I think of them (usually long before they're carved) so I have 11 of the broomsticks right now.  I'm going to keep 6 of them for my shows.  I have 6 of the deadly nightshade pendants and I'm keep 3 for the shows. This means that I have 5 Granny Weatherwax broomsticks and 3 deadly nightshade pendants that can be ordered now by my LJ diary readers.  (I think from a comment I received after last post that one of the broomsticks is already claimed.) 

I was very struck when [info]elisem  said that:

At a lot of points in her life, she hasn't been able to afford her own work. A lot of artists can't afford to buy much art, and a lot of people artists love can't afford to buy some of the art they'd love. That's why she really likes having lower price point things that are really cool. It makes it easier for people she loves to have something they love.

So I'm really happy that I can keep the broomstick down around  $68 and the deadly nightshade down around $72.

Nightshade in sterling is about 2" high and 1.5" long

Broom in sterling and bronze is about 2".  The bronze  "magic energy" with crystal will patina over time and look even better.
I've been told that some people prefer to have photos below the cut because it breaks their feed.  should I do that?  Would [info]hrafn or anyone else let me know they think.

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Photographing Jewelry: I'm Learning
I haven't been writing abut the process of learning to photograph the jewelry very much because I thought it was boring. [info]elisem  just convinced me that it isn't

I'm working on taking photos of the Terry Pratchett broomstick pendant  (Granny Weatherwax) and the deadly night shade pendant. It's so different from what I usually do.

All photo work is  light.

Portrait work
is a combination of composition and working with a model to evoke a sense of who they are. Landscape work is composition.

In landscape work (if you're outside) you work with changing light.  When I do portraits I do assisted natural light (one small photo light) and I have some control of the light.

Until my present In-Camera Project, all my work has been black and white and film.

Jewelry requires a knowledgeable control of light.  (Something I'm very much still learning about)  No composition, simply (except it's very difficult) the accurate representation of a small detailed object.  I'm still at the stage where I'm experimenting with right light.  And in terms of the jewelry I'm still learning about digital color representation in different controlled lighting.

If you follow my journal you can see the learning process in the jewelry images. Anyway it's all still being very much of a process right now.  Any thoughts are appreciated.

I hope to have the images up in a couple of days.

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Gear Work Necklet
I just redid my polishing room ... it's almost too small to be called a room.  I have a new Fordam flexible shaft that I use for polishing (as I've mentioned).  It's placed really well.  I have a new suction cone to polish over that's attached to a vacuum cleaner tube.  And I moved out some things that were at my feet and not helpfully placed.

Just polished my first pieces in the new set up and I love it.

I just finished a gear works necklet.  This is a _quick_ shot of the interesting part. The rest is the extended silver wire that goes around the neck and ends in the sections in the photo. It's sterling silver, black pearls and gears.

If you click for larger size it's pretty clear.  Actual size is about 6" by 5".  Plus of course the rest of the silver necklet.

I'm working on a new earring design of sterling hoops with gears.

And the Pratchett Granny Weatherwax broom sticks are made in silver.  Now I need to do the final work and add the subtle visual touch that looks like the magic that makes them fly. It's going to be interesting.

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Nightshade Progresses
I spent almost al of today working on the nightshade pendant.  It has, as it turns out, the berries as well as the flower.  Given the purple of the actual flowers, it really looks great carved in purple wax. I'm working on it again tomorrow and hopefully finishing the druse crystal malachite Chinese mountain pendant.

I just got an amazing opal from my cutter. It's lowland Ethiopian opal.  A clear golden color with a flamboyant vivid red flash. 

And I think I've finally figured out Esme's (Granny Weatherwax)  broomstick from Pratchett's Disc world.   I've been wanting to do another Disc world piece for quite a while.

Tomorrow should be another good working day.

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