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Boskone And Back Again
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Managed to miss storms on both ends of the trip.  Had a great Boskone, as usual, except for the cold.  (I'm a real California girl when it comes to cold.) Saw lots of friends. Got several marvelous commissions, including  making a necklace from slices of fossilized mammoth tooth and red tourmaline and garnets.  And I'm making two completely different designs of the wild wood from Tanya Huff's Gale family novels, especially The Wild Ways

It's the first time I'll be working more or less simultaneously on two very different interpretations of the same concept.

I've got photos of new commissions to put up and a great wedding portrait with rings but I'm saving them for when I'm back after some much needed down time.  I'll be back in the world on March 13th.

Hope your March comes in like a lamb.

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Off to Boskone in the morning. Nervous about the weather. (I know I'm a California wimp.) Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Blessings on my cat sitter.

Exoplanet Pendants for Boskone
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I've finally photographed two of the exoplanet pendants I'm bringing to Boskone.

Finding the right stones for these is difficult but recently found several that really worked well in the designs.

exoplanet pendant -planet-peruvian opal- satellite -madiera citrine

Planet is Peruvian opal and the satellite is a Madeira citrine. Setting is sterling silver.

exoplanet pendant - planet florite -satilite is a diamond

Planet is a very unusual fluorite and a diamond star crosses it's satellite. (Diamond is larger in actual pendant then shows in photo.)

Both designs are about 1.5"

I'm finishing the final piece of jewelry for Boskone tonight. Then on to packing displays etc etc etc. (The is a lot of etc.)

Making Lots of Work
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I've been working so hard on finishing new designs that I didn't realize how long it's been since I posted last.

Boskone is about 10 days away and I'm polishing, setting stones and choosing different chains for designs.

I just finished making some silver pendants black and then I'll hand polish them tomorrow so they glow a bit.

Have a new lava (from my trip to Iceland) and diamond pendant. I made one with lava and pearls but a friend saw it and wanted it before I'd even had a chance to set the pearls. I will photograph it.
(Still have to set the pearls.)

The setting was Icelandic wooly willow. I saw it everywhere in Iceland but couldn't find out the English name. I finally bought a book of Icelandic plants and located it. I'll also put up a photo of the plant when I put up the photo of the pendant.

And I have a new pendant that's a delicate setting for Icelandic spar. And lots of new rings.

This is the last thing I am doing before quiting for the night so good night.

Watermelon Tourmaline
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I've think I've finished the exoplanet designs for Boskone. The last one is a moonstone with a star (diamond) in front of it's satellite. Also a large group of new rings including peruvian opal, gem quality chrysophrase, and a particularly lovely chrysocolla.

"The Stars Change" pendant for Mary Anne Mohenraj is polished and complete. I'll try to photograph it but given the details I'm not too hopeful.

This is a large stunning watermelon tourmaline that I set in gold with 3 small diamonds for Wendy Czarnecki. This is one of the very most beautiful large watermelon tourmalines I've ever had. I wanted the design to subtly reflect the stone. Actual size is about 1.25". Chain is antique.

watermelon tourmaline diamond 14kt necklace

And George, my new cat is learning with some success to coexist with jewelry making.

New Work, New Year
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I'm back from a combination of very relaxing holidays and a lot of intense creative work. I finished a whole group of waxes that I'd been working on for a long time, including the feathered dinosaur that sits on a gorgeous piece of fossilized dinosaur bone. It's body repeats the pattern in the stone in a subtle way. Very different creature then the one I originally visualized. Feathers for display not flight worked best for the stone and the total design.

And also included a garnet bodied spider and a fly perched on opposite ends of a web like bi-colored rutilated quartz.

And for the new Boskone collection I finished a large extremely vivid large red ammonite pendant design. I've been working on a group of new work for Boskone.

Photo below is from the collection of Wendy Czarnecki. This is one of the sea shaped Baltic amber stones that I was fortunate to get when I was in Finland. The setting is 14 kt and the chain is antique. It was designed with her chain in mind. Size is approximately 1.75"

I wanted the gold to reflect the exquisite depth of the stone.  The photo only suggests it.

sea shaped amber and gold pendant

Best to everyone in the new year.

Artist's Sabbatical
I have a photography project that I've been wanting to work on for about the last year and there simply wasn't enough time for it. So, I'm taking an Artist's Sabbatical this winter to work on it.

This means that regretfully, I won't be at either Boskone or Norwescon.  I'll really miss people but I need this time for the new work. And, of course I'll be at both of them next year. And I willl be at Wiscon and Lone Star Con in San Antonio.

I have lots of exciting jewelry and sculpture commission work and I'm still happily take new commissions and taking care of people's jewelry needs. But the Sabbatical will  let me explore this new  work.

I'm not ready to discuss the new work yet but I'm sure I will in the future.

I'm Back Yet Again
I'm just barely back to post show consciousness but I couldn't resist posting on February 29th.

I had a really fine Boskone.  The weather was amazingly good.  Perhaps the best winter weather I've ever had there.  For once I got to spend time with many of the people I wanted too. (Everyone seems never to be possible.)

I have a commission that involves doing research on Neolithic cave art. I'm going to love that.  And other exciting work I'll write about later.

Happy Valentine's Day and Off To Boskone
Wishing everyone a happy Valentine's Day.

I'm off to Boskone in the morning.  Looking forward  to everything  except the cold.  I have a serious Californian fear of cold.  Although so far the winter weather there looks very good for the northeast.  My cat sitting is in hand.

More new work than usual because of the bronze and the black silver pieces. 

And it will be very good to see all the people I like.

Eyeglass jewelry
I'm really looking forward to going to Boskone in February.  I'm organizing the work that I need to polish and set for it.

The Irish setter pendant cast exquisitely well.  I did some preliminary polishing on it today.  Very detailed creatures sometimes don't photograph well but I will have a picture.

This is a photo of a lapis and sterling eyeglass pendant that I made for Diane Martin. It hangs where the ear piece would usually meet the frame and balances the glasses. There is a single ear piece on the other side. When I see Diane I'll try to get a photo of her wearing it.

Size is about 2.5 inches. There was a lot of tech in the design, weight etc since it must be functional.

I've made two other pieces of eyeglass jewelry over the years. One was a pair of black framed glasses with the ear pieces decorated with dark blue opals and leaves and vines  (for Mike Zipser) the other was a jeweled dragon that perched on one of the eye pieces and the tail wrapped around the frame.

My health is starting to feel a little too much like Zeno's paradox but I am getting better.

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