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Back from the Blizzards
I'm back from Boskone, the remarkable blizzard, some much needed down time.  I'm back at work this week catching up.

I'll be at Fogcon this weekend but not showing my jewelry. (I will have some stones with me.)  I'm on 2 panels that I'm exicited about and I'll be writing abut them a little later in the week.

The pendant below is prehnite and sterling. I brought it to Boskone  and now that Bayla has it, I can put up the photo.

The crescent moon theme seemed very right to me.  The flower bud in the center of the bottom stone is a moon flower that only opens at night.   Stones are far more filled with beautiful patterns then the photo shows.


From the colllection of Bayla Fine.

Packed for Boskone and Opal Ring
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All the jewelry for Boskone is packed.  And i have the display boxes mostly done.  Still have lots of pre leaving things to do including some photography work.

Have a new very sculptured design with a bicolored sapphire that's part of the new design group. It got packed last.

My weather window for travel still looks OK -fingers crossed.

The ring is an Ethiopian opal set in gold.  It's from the collection of Rebecca Burgess.  The colors shot somewhat differently then the opal's usual vivid appearance but it's totally stunning.

Jeweled Phoenix And Jewelry for Boskone
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This is the Chinese phoenix I was writing about earlier. It took a long time because of the detail and the stylization. Stones are deep orange sapphires it's sterling. It's about 2" high. I made it for Karen M. Herkes.


The detail is finer than the photo shows, but it gives a good idea of the design.

I've finshed the rings for Boskone and am working on final polishing and finished work designs.  Just did a nightshade pendant with pearls, garnets, and clear blue antique Chinese glass beads.  It's black sterling silver threaded with copper wire.

And tomorrow I'm working on a gingko necklace and some bronze pendants.  Still lots to do.

Looking forward to Boskone and seeing my friends.

Sculptured Setter Pendant With Larimar
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I'm about to go back to polishing jewelry for Boskone but I wanted to post this first.

This is the dog pendant I wrote about a while ago.  It took forever.  It's in silver and the stone is larimar.  The pendant is sculpted on both sides and the dog on each side is different.  The details on the animals took forever and making a design that worked equally aesthetically on both sides was both difficult and very enjoyable. Side is approximately 3.5".


I'm really pleased that I was able to get images that show the level of detail fairly well.This side photographed easily

dog 2web_0791

This one took a lot more work but I'm satisfied with it.  (It was much harder to light - note the different background.)

From the collection of Wendy Czarnecki .

She invited me to the Golden Gate Kennel Club Dog Show here in San Francisco at the Cow Palace yesterday. Serendipitously her pendant was finished a few days before.  So I got to see my work and a large group of setters at the same time.  It was both very special and satisfying.  (And much less likely to happen with dragons.)

New Work and Gold and Garnet Pendant
I've been working on a gold and garnet pendant influenced by Elizabethan chains.

The first step was to find a stone that resembled a red moonstone from 16th century Turkey that was part of a unearthed hoard of Elizabethan jewlery.  My lapidary cut some stones after much searching for material, and we ended up with a star garnet, a red/purple labradorite, and a vivid garnet.  The vivid translucent garnet turned out to be the right stone.

I've been working on the wax for quite a while and it's deveoping beautifully.

Chains look like this.

And I've been working on some designs for Boskone including some that feel like a compleat design change for me .  It's exciting.

Boskone And Back Again
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Managed to miss storms on both ends of the trip.  Had a great Boskone, as usual, except for the cold.  (I'm a real California girl when it comes to cold.) Saw lots of friends. Got several marvelous commissions, including  making a necklace from slices of fossilized mammoth tooth and red tourmaline and garnets.  And I'm making two completely different designs of the wild wood from Tanya Huff's Gale family novels, especially The Wild Ways

It's the first time I'll be working more or less simultaneously on two very different interpretations of the same concept.

I've got photos of new commissions to put up and a great wedding portrait with rings but I'm saving them for when I'm back after some much needed down time.  I'll be back in the world on March 13th.

Hope your March comes in like a lamb.

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Off to Boskone in the morning. Nervous about the weather. (I know I'm a California wimp.) Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Blessings on my cat sitter.

Exoplanet Pendants for Boskone
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I've finally photographed two of the exoplanet pendants I'm bringing to Boskone.

Finding the right stones for these is difficult but recently found several that really worked well in the designs.

exoplanet pendant -planet-peruvian opal- satellite -madiera citrine

Planet is Peruvian opal and the satellite is a Madeira citrine. Setting is sterling silver.

exoplanet pendant - planet florite -satilite is a diamond

Planet is a very unusual fluorite and a diamond star crosses it's satellite. (Diamond is larger in actual pendant then shows in photo.)

Both designs are about 1.5"

I'm finishing the final piece of jewelry for Boskone tonight. Then on to packing displays etc etc etc. (The is a lot of etc.)

Making Lots of Work
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I've been working so hard on finishing new designs that I didn't realize how long it's been since I posted last.

Boskone is about 10 days away and I'm polishing, setting stones and choosing different chains for designs.

I just finished making some silver pendants black and then I'll hand polish them tomorrow so they glow a bit.

Have a new lava (from my trip to Iceland) and diamond pendant. I made one with lava and pearls but a friend saw it and wanted it before I'd even had a chance to set the pearls. I will photograph it.
(Still have to set the pearls.)

The setting was Icelandic wooly willow. I saw it everywhere in Iceland but couldn't find out the English name. I finally bought a book of Icelandic plants and located it. I'll also put up a photo of the plant when I put up the photo of the pendant.

And I have a new pendant that's a delicate setting for Icelandic spar. And lots of new rings.

This is the last thing I am doing before quiting for the night so good night.

Watermelon Tourmaline
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I've think I've finished the exoplanet designs for Boskone. The last one is a moonstone with a star (diamond) in front of it's satellite. Also a large group of new rings including peruvian opal, gem quality chrysophrase, and a particularly lovely chrysocolla.

"The Stars Change" pendant for Mary Anne Mohenraj is polished and complete. I'll try to photograph it but given the details I'm not too hopeful.

This is a large stunning watermelon tourmaline that I set in gold with 3 small diamonds for Wendy Czarnecki. This is one of the very most beautiful large watermelon tourmalines I've ever had. I wanted the design to subtly reflect the stone. Actual size is about 1.25". Chain is antique.

watermelon tourmaline diamond 14kt necklace

And George, my new cat is learning with some success to coexist with jewelry making.

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