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Black Raven

I've finished most of the ring sizings, necklace lengthenings etc from Boston and they should go out next week.

I took the opportunity to photograph this black silver raven with a ruby eye.  I have it because I  lengthened the chain for Louise Behrman.  It's a design that was heavily influenced by early Irish Celtic work that precedes the very symmetrical work that we see so much of now.

I'm planning to make another black raven for Norwescon.

It's a more abstracted raven then many of the other birds I make.  Actual size is about 2" high.  this is one of the rare occasions when I think a larger photo actually gives a better sense of the work. The subtlety of the carving isn't as clear in a smaller image.

Now, I'll go back to carving waxes and getting ready for Norwescon and my visit to Seattle on Easter weekend.  Right now it's been raining for about a week here, so I feel like I"m getting prepared.

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