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Astronomical with Tecktite and Moonstone
I received this astronomical pendant back to lengthen the chain at Boskone. I thought that I'd take the opportunity to photograph it. The commission started with the idea of designing something with the tecktite and clearly grew. It's one of the largest pendants I've made. Size is approximately 4"x 4".

Tecktites from Greek tektos, molten) are natural glass rocks up to a few centimeters in size, which most scientists argue were formed by the 1mpact of large meteorites on Earth's surface. Tektites are typically black or olive-green, and their shape varies from rounded to irregular. I really enjoyed designing with it.

From the collection of Beth Zipser.

I'm too tired to do more tonight. I did take another picture of a black raven with a ruby eye. Tomorrow I'll check it out and see how well it photographed.

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